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CRS services are based on an Individual Service Plan (ISP) that denotes a served person's assessed and/or desired needs. All CRS services can be related to the following three categories.


Services vary from person to person. The level of personal assistance required is based on the mental and/or physical capabilities of the respective individual.


Services also vary from person to person and are based on particular mental and/or physical functional skills that a person has not developed, but is capable of performing. If afforded the opportunity to learn such skills, the person develops needed functional skills that improve their personal independence and reduces their dependency on others. Greater functional independence improves a person's quality of living.


Is a necessary service category as those persons served by CRS have needs that require the professional and/or administrative services from other entities. Therefore, CRS program personnel must regularly collaborate with others to coordinate various CRS services that interrelate with the services of other providers.


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