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Are not "institutional facilities", but regular homes and apartments located in a residential neighborhood. Each home is a shared living residence for two or several individuals. CRS homes are staffed by direct service personnel within a twenty-four hour, "live-in" staffing model. One community home is oriented toward the changing needs of older individuals.


Is a program where those people being served have an opportunity to choose their personal residence within a community neighborhood. CRS supported living staff provide the daily living support as required by each person's assessed and/or desired needs. Personal support services are ever changing and may be daily, weekly, or on a twenty-four hour basis.


Is directly provided or arranged by CRS for all persons served. Transportation may be related to; employment, health appointments, shopping trips, social opportunities, vacations, community events, etc. CRS has a small fleet of vehicles, inclusive of specialized vehicles for people with mobility needs.


Community Residential Services Inc.