January 26, 2020

~Giving Opportunities~

Community Residential Services basic financial support comes from local, state and federal funding programs. However, government related funding is directly associated with the ever changing political process and does not totally respond to the needs of those we serve. Therefore, donations from individuals, community service organizations, corporations and other private supporters are greatly needed and appreciated.

As Community Residential Services is a legally established, not-for-profit organization recognized under the federal Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3),"public charitable organization", all monetary and tangible donations are tax-deductable under section 170 of the IRS code. All monetary gifts are deposited within a special purpose fund to benefit those we serve, unless the donor has a specified request as to the use of their gift.

While not tax-deductable, intangible gifts of time, talent and expertise are nonetheless priceless. Should you desire to donate a monetary, tangible or intangible gift to Community Residential Services, please go to our website main menu and click on "CONTACT  US". All donations are recognized, in writing, by the Executive Director.
"Thank you for your consideration."